Dr Clayton Bostock

Meet Dr. Clayton Bostock

My mission is to guide you to a state of vitality where you feel, look and perform your absolute best. As a team, we create an individualized, tailored program customized for your specific needs. Using an innovative method of assessment, we come to a clear understanding of what makes you unique. This is determined using a functional medicine approach to evaluate factors such as nutrition, systems biology, environment, epigenetics and nutrigenomics. In-depth testing guides us in the interventions and the order with which we apply them to bring about disease resolution. I believe that we all possess the potential for vibrant health, and by using the correct interventions and creating the proper conditions, we prompt our innate healing mechanisms to allow that to occur. I use an innovative, simple and straight forward approach that focusses not on treating disease, but rather treating and recognizing you as a unique individual.


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