What is Balance Protocol *™?

Balance ProtocolBalance Protocol *™ is an innovative, clinical method of developing an individualized program through recognition that you have your own unique genetics, biochemistry, lifestyle and environment. It views disease as the breakdown of systems that regulate control, resilience and balance and recognizes dysfunction or disease is rarely organ specific. There are 5 core tenets of this approach:

  • Acknowledgement of one’s biochemical and genetic uniqueness
  • Patient centered vs disease centered approach
  • Influence of the balance between internal and external factors
  • Web-like interconnectedness of our physiology
  • Health as positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease

Because of the variation in each individual’s makeup, there is no universal intervention, program or dietary strategy that can be applied to everyone. Balance Protocol*™ is not one way of doing things. Successful intervention hinders on quantifying one’s metabolics, oxidation rate, systems biology, nutrient status, genetics and environment. From there, corrective action can be applied, in the correct order to address your particular needs. Since two people with the same condition can have entirely different root causes, the individual is the focus of treatment and not the disease. This patient centered approach places emphasis on the person and their interaction with the internal and external conditions and the imbalances within those interactions.

Balance Protocol*™ goes far beyond dietary strategies, supplements, drugs and exercise. It involves evaluation and correction of environmental influences like air, water, light, sound, electromagnetic fields and food. It is in this interaction between a patient’s genome and these environmental inputs where genetic strengths and weaknesses become influenced. These interactions can manifest in illness or as health.

There is no one out there who has the answers. For this reason, Balance Protocol*™ was created to provide a straightforward framework that allows you to navigate your unique systems biology, genetics and environment and FIND your answer.

* Balance Protocol™ is a trademark of Dr. Anthony G. Beck & Balance Protocol Institute LLC