Why Haven’t Other Approaches Worked For Me?

Balance ProtocolIf you’re like a lot of people searching for answers for health challenges, you may have tried a lot of healthy things already. This could include different diets like Paleo, Keto or Vegan, intermittent fasting and supplements. You may have visited alternative providers who used variations of testing, diets or supplements but you still didn’t get the results you were hoping for.

Many of my patients have subscribed to blog posts, watched online health summits and read diet books or studies on PubMed.

So why don’t these approaches work? The reason is because everyone is unique and different from everyone else. What works for one person isn’t the best treatment that’s tailored for you. We all have different appearances, habits, lifestyles, genetics, biochemistry and environments. This explains why homogenized, one-size-fits all methods never produce the best outcome for us. We need an approach that is individualized to our unique story.

People are quick to recommend a supplement or a lifestyle to you without any clinical data about what makes you different from everyone else. We can obtain data that allows us to determine your unique biochemical status and why you’re different from everyone else. We can quantify your metabolics, your oxidation rate, nutrient status, genetics, and get a full workup and assessment of your systems biology. Without properly quantifying yourself in this manner, it’s difficult to know your starting point and what direction you need to go with treatment.

Once you’ve done a comprehensive laboratory assessment you can then use interventions and make adjustments that are suited to your status. You can follow the effect of these interventions by monitoring with labs at regular intervals.

The most important thing for you to grasp is that you are a category of one. You have your own unique set of circumstances and nobody can give you answers without evaluating your biological status, environment and your unique story.

For any clinical method the litmus test should be as follows. Does the person making recommendations have a method of quantifying me to see where I fit into their framework? If you are given the same standardized treatments that target a diagnosis you know their method will miss the mark. My goal is not to treat the disease or diagnosis, it is to treat unique individuals.

Proper, thorough assessment and quantification are some of the first steps we use in the Balance Protocol*™  framework to maximize well-being and resolve chronic health issues for good. There is no one out there who has the answer, but Balance Protocol*™ is a clinical method that allows you to navigate your own uniqueness and find your answer.

* Balance Protocol™ is a trademark of Dr. Anthony G. Beck & Balance Protocol Institute LLC